3 Dangerous “Health” Foods that Prevent You From Losing Weight

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We all know that dieting is hard. What makes it even harder is that we are not always best educated as to which foods are actually helpful for our body and which foods are filled with preservatives and chemicals that interfere with our digestive system and cause unwanted weight gain.

Leading Bariatric Physician, Dr. Amy Lee, Founder and Director of the Integrative Wellness Center in Los Angles, has been studying nutrition and internal medicine for over two decades. Dr. Lee has dedicated her career to developing diet plans and solutions that are evidence-based through scientific research, as well as educating her patients about nutrition, wellness and weight management.

According to Dr. Lee, there are three surprisingly harmful foods that prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals, that people should start avoiding now.

“These three particular foods are banned in Canada, Australia, Europe and China due to the health concerns they raise,” said Dr. Lee. “But not only are they legal in the United States, they are even labeled and marketed as “health foods.”

To help educate the public, Dr. Lee’s team released this comprehensive video presentation that reveals which three harmful foods are being marketed as health foods but are actually destroying our bodies from the inside out.

It’s worth nothing that within just a few hours of its release, this video received thousands of views, and has since gone viral. Not only has it now been viewed more than one million times, but Dr. Lee has received thousands of letters from people all around the world thanking her the invaluable advice she shares in this video for free.

In her enlightening and informative video, Dr. Lee reveals that these three shockingly dangerous foods have high-levels of one common ingredient that has repeatedly been linked to obesity in numerous medical studies: high-fructose corn syrup.

Why is high-fructose corn syrup so bad for us? Fructose, which is 20 times sweeter than sugar, is a chemical that is not recognized by our brain. Our bodies turn unknown substances, like Fructose, into fat. When we consume high-fructose corn syrup, something our body was never designed to digest, our body get confused and stores it as fat.

Hence, why the three particular foods Dr. Lee revels in this short presentation prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals.

I highly encourage you to watch this presentation today so you can discover which common, everyday foods might be dramatically interfering not only with your weight loss goals, but other conditions as well, such as bowel irregularity, stomach bloat, and low-energy levels.

Towards the end of the presentation, Dr. Lee also reveals four natural weight-loss helpers available in most organic grocery stores that improve your digestion and help you process food more efficiently.

“These four nutrients aren’t diet tricks, but many of my patients will tell you they work like magic,” explains Dr. Lee. So inform yourself today about which “healthy” foods you need to start avoiding, as well as which natural nutrients you should consider adding to your diet, so that you can start giving your body the best chance at lasting weight loss for years to come.

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