Five Benefits of Buying a Luxury Car

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Back in the day, buying a car meant you got a set of seats, four tires, a steering wheel, and a tank of gas. No frills or amenities, just a piece of machinery that got you from Point-A to Point-B.

But as the auto industry has evolved, so have the add-ons and extra amenities. From accident avoidance systems to double-stacked infotainment systems and surround-sound audio, the advancements in the automotive world in the last two decades alone are just mind-boggling.

As these amenities have become more available, growth in the luxury car segment has also increased in recent years, with more consumers increasingly desiring to own higher-end models.

Luxury vehicles typically represent the leading edge of comfort, performance, safety, and technology, and a good luxury car has an innate quality that goes beyond leather upholstery and wood trim. Premium cars offer the most advanced safety options and best entertainment technology on the market, not to mention some of the plushest interiors and most options for customization.

So, if you’re thinking of whether of not to buy a luxury car, consider the following benefits a high-end car may provide:


They aren’t always safer (lightweight, superfast convertibles, being the obvious exception), but luxury cars tend to offer more safety features than their non-deluxe counterparts, which translates into better crash-test results. According to Consumer Reports, 71% of vehicles with standard stability control, traction control, anti-lock braking systems, side-front airbags and curtain airbags cost at least $30,000.

State-of-the-art technology

Luxury car shoppers usually demand the most cutting-edge technologies out there. As such, luxury cars have historically offered the latest and greatest safety features (anti-lock brakes, review cameras) and entertainment technology (in-headrest TV screens, Bluetooth) before these options trickle down to the masses. Even if a luxury vehicle is a few years old, it often at least rivals if not outclasses what’s being offered on new mainstream models.

Coexistent performance and comfort

Luxury cars aren’t just designed to look great—they also provide superior performance to give you the best ride possible. From heated seats and state-of-the-art entertainment systems to impressive engine power, luxury cars come with everything you need to have a great experience every time you get behind the wheel.

Complete maintenance

Certified-pre-owned programs—like the one at BMW— offer comprehensive roadside assistance and the assurance that only vehicles that meet the brand’s stringent standards and pass its certification process receive the certified pre-owned title.

Status & Prestige

Yes, this is the elephant in the room, the thing about luxury cars so many people seem to love and hate at the same time. You cannot deny that heads do turn when an Audi, Jaguar or Aston Martin rolls into view. And while you can argue if that’s a good or bad thing, it is reality.

Owning a high-end automobile is no longer just about how swanky the exterior looks, or how posh the interior may be — even the status symbol associated with said vehicles is being shelved for an even nobler aspiration; driving a luxurious car offers the pampering one rightfully deserves, but it is the experience of owning one that sets it apart from everything else on the market.

When it comes to buying a new car, it’s smart to invest in a high-performance vehicle—but that doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar.

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  1. Thomas Pindall

    July 20, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    A friend of mine needs a new vehicle, and he has been considering on buying a luxury car. I found it helpful when you said that luxury cars offer more safety features than other brands tend to have, which could lead to less accidents in general. My friend has always been a safe driver, so with the added protection, the chances of him getting into an accident are greatly reduced, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to know about that.

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