New Mattresses Are Better Than Ever

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When was the last time you bought a new mattress? You’ve probably been sleeping on the same old mattress for years. There has been a great surge in new mattresses over the past 5 years, leading to a great deal of options for all kinds of sleepers, and they’re more affordable than ever.

In fact, if you’ve had the same mattress for over 7 years, it might be time to switch. Mattresses are not meant to last forever, and with the latest models, you might be missing out on the best sleep of your life if you stick with your current mattress.

Mattresses are a very personal purchase, and there are some key things to consider before buying one:

  1. What type of sleeper are you – A back sleeper will need different support than a side sleeper
  2. Check the warranty – a mattress is an investment in your health after all!
  3. What size mattress is right for you

No matter what type of sleeper are you, with today’s great options, there is certainly a mattress for you.

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