Where to Find the Best Life Insurance Policy at an Unbelievable Price

New program in the UK can provide most families with a £150,000 life insurance policy for as low as £10 per month.


As we grow older, get married, build families and start businesses, we come to realize more and more that life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan.

Not only is it a wise financial decision, but life insurance is also one of the most effective ways to protect your loved ones and their future. Over the years, you’ll find comfort in knowing money will be available to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing. Not only can a good policy easily help your loved ones cover financial obligations, but it can also help secure a good education for your children and safeguard your loved ones from inheriting your debts.

With all of the great benefits a good life insurance policy can provide, many people mistakenly assume that life insurance policies are expense. However, the reality is that you can find a solid life insurance policy for a relatively cheap price, as long as you know where to look.

One of the first places you should look when shopping around for life insurance quotes is Your Health Covered™. You will be shocked at the results you find using this invaluable resource! Most people just can’t believe that the available rates are in fact real, but the truth is rates have dropped significantly for life insurance policies compared to the past. Thanks to new program policies implemented here in the UK, it’s now easy to qualify for £150,000 life insurance policies for as low as £10 per month.

Jessica Lombart, our in house financial expert, wanted to test Your Health Covered™ firsthand in order to see if the site really lives up to its reputations. After a few days, Jessica reported a number of exciting findings, including that she could cover herself and protect her family for less than a few cups of coffee per week and she is not alone, thousands are taking advantage of these policies.

Because of this, smart consumers just like Jessica are increasingly use online tools like Your Health Covered™ to receive fast and free life insurance quotes. Their system works so well that you will be able to compare different options in as little as a few minutes. It’s no wonder why so many people are saving money since you are now able to use this simple tool rather than spending weeks trying to contact and compare options with various life insurance providers.

Since 34% of people save £550 or more, these online services are gaining massive popularity. As one of the UK’s most trusted, secure and effective free online services families can count on Your Health Covered when it comes to finding affordable life insurance plans that will provide you with peace of mind and your family with the financial security they deserve.

And with life insurance policies being as inexpensive as they are, there’s no excuse not to get coverage today.

Here’s How You Do It:
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Step 2: Once you go through a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare the quotes in your area for an average savings of 20% a month.


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**34% of people save £550 or more over the term of their policy (Source: June 2013 – Dec 2013 Data)